Siteground has become one of the world’s largest web hosts – and is rightly recommended on many large blogs and websites, including the official WordPress website. Here you will find features of Siteground hosting as well as the strengths and weaknesses.

There might be a number of Siteground reviews available on the web, but we promise you that this is the most comprehensive Siteground review. This web hoster’s growth in recent years has been awe-inspiring.

Siteground web hosting is mainly known for fast loading times, but the high uptime and excellent support are also often praised. Since the prices are meagre at the same time, we took a closer look at the whole framework and tested a WordPress site.

Before we go into the strengths and weaknesses of the provider, we would like to give you details of the prices for web hosting from Siteground. In the beginning, there is, of course, the choice of a tariff. The offers from Siteground are obvious:

Cost-effective rates

You can start with the startup tariff for around $4 per month. As long as you have no more than 10,000 visitors, the plan is exactly right for you. If you only operate one or a few (WordPress) websites, you are adequately supplied here.

SiteGround Hosting Review

If you reach the limits, you can upgrade your contract in a short time. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you get everything your heart desires: Even if your web space can be managed very quickly after purchase, you can easily have your existing website moved by support.

Server locations

The currently available Siteground server locations in Europe, USA, and Asia. If you want to reach USA visitors, you should select the server location of the USA (a change in the backend is possible at any time).

Siteground – the strengths

We all want the same thing:

  • A cheap web host
  • that can be reliably reached (high uptime)
  • has good performance
  • and is available with excellent support in an emergency

And that’s precisely what we found at Siteground. But one after another.

Strength # 1: The price is hot!

We already mentioned the price above, and you can compare it yourself. We find it cheap compared to other premium hosters because many other web hosts charge a lot of details (such as MySQL databases, SSL certificates, backups). The packages are designed relatively and not too small to “force” customers to upgrade.

Strength # 2: The reliability / uptime

What does the most beautiful website with the best content bring if it is not available? Exactly, absolutely nothing! Especially if you want to make money with the website, accessibility must be guaranteed in any case. Uptime is an excellent value for all in this price segment and is significantly higher than the comparable provider. So for me, an absolute plus!

siteground review speed

Strength # 3: Fast loading times

One of the other hoster with shared web spaces also creates reasonable prices and high uptime – but almost all cheap competitors have one thing in common: poor performance! Why are other web hosts slower? The reason for low prices is often that the providers serve many customers with just one server. The total computing power and bandwidth must, therefore, be shared by many customers, for example, 300, 400, or 500 customers per server. This leads to long loading times of all websites, including yours. Nobody likes that, neither the users nor Google.

What is the state of the art at Siteground?

This list could go on forever, but we will spare you that here. It is only essential to know that Siteground places an extreme focus on performance. This is shown not only by the big loading times that can be achieved with it but also by the times when they implement new technologies: they are often among the first to make new technologies available to the general public.

Strength # 4: Solution-oriented support that thinks

Many companies are committed to high-quality support, regardless of the industry. Unfortunately, you can only tell whether the promise is being kept if it is too late. In the case of Siteground, you can have contact with support any number of times. Many companies are committed to high-quality support, regardless of the industry. Unfortunately, you can only tell whether the promise is being kept if it is too late.

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Strength # 5: Free SSL, own plugins, integration with WordPress

Since the beginning of 2017, it has been highly recommended to use an SSL certificate for his website. Not only because it is being displayed by more and more browsers (including a warning if it does not exist), but also because it is now a ranking criterion on Google.

Siteground – the weaknesses

Every coin has two sides – and even the best web hosting provider has a few disadvantages. Some of them are only minor things, but for the sake of completeness, we would like to point this out.

Weakness # 1: The English support

The support is great, but has a small catch: it is (currently) only available in English. They are also working on offering it in other languages promptly. For us, it is not a problem at all since we train in English anyway, and we, therefore, are used to communicating in English. However, if you know that you have significant problems expressing yourself in this language (also in writing), you may want to take a closer look at All-Incl, which is my second choice.

Weakness # 2: The price in the future will only become apparent late

The excellent price at the beginning of the term is almost too cheap to be true because the performance is exceptionally high in comparison. If you click through the checkout process, you will see a notice towards the end that after the first term (up to 3 years), the price increases slightly. Even after the “increase” to the regular price, this is still appropriate. Still, one would like more explicit labeling at the beginning.

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Weakness # 3: Not many servers located in the Americas

As a customer, you can very quickly select the location of your server. And unfortunately, there are not many servers with American locations on the list (yet). Some companies attach great importance to the server location.

siteground review

Conclusion on web hosting from Siteground: Is it recommended?

Yes, it is still a few cents cheaper. But if you are concerned about the loading time of your page, you want to spend as little time as possible with technical errors and in telephone waiting loops. At the same time, a high scope of services is essential; you have come to the right place!

Of course, there are also a few weaknesses, which are not a problem for most. The contract terms of one year are rational and reasonable; hosting in Europe and the USA suits many, and most prefer to speak 5 minutes with excellent support English than 3 hours Spanish with an unfortunate result. It is not surprising that the provider is mentioned on the official WordPress site and is also recommended in numerous forums. Siteground provides all the features of a premium hoster, but only requires a fraction of the price!


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