Liquid Web servers had been the primary choice of webmasters in over 120 nations since its debut in 1997. The experience in specialist hosting, along with also the epic assistance from the experts have helped to get the Liquid Web Inc the 5000 fastest growing company award for consecutive decades.

Why Liquid Web Premium Data Centers?

The 100% data centre, which was created only to keep the ideal server environment, intends to provide clients with a safe, reliable, and quick functionality. The super redundant system guarantees to ensure it is possible to heal every mistake yourself and not to interrupt the relationship.

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Because Liquid Web is backed using a high tier 1 bandwidth providers, the fastest connection and nominal latency is guaranteed to be ensured for all points across the whole world.

The onsite digital security system offers maximum security in the info facility so that unauthorized access is not permitted. The energy systems have been distinguished by substantial strength and error tolerance in each change.

What Is Liquid Web Smart Server All About?

Liquid Web Smart Servers will be the dedicated servers that are incorporated with the most durable cloud-enabled features like flexible daily charging, straightforward scaling, a dedicated firewall, and also simple migrations.

Besides a few of the high-end software designed exclusively for Liquid Web users, the organization, backed by Cloud Power, additionally gives the best-known platforms to simplify the whole server management procedure.

An overview of Liquid Web Heroic Support

The accessibility to 3-degree engineers provided nowhere else retains Liquid Web a step ahead of their competition when it comes to customer service. The ethics of your server won’t ever be compromised since the infrastructure designed for monitoring and protection will keep your eye on it, whatever the size and kind of your hosting package.

The protected server attribute provided by Liquid Web can save yourself resources and time as this program can extend the accessible services or change the operating systems to a particular degree. The supply of immediate incident resolution and support reliability is the sole attention of sonar tracking, yet another committed branch of Liquid Web.

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Liquid Web’s Hosting Plans

Liquid Web’s shared Web hosting solutions derive from bulletproof reliability, cheap rates, and unbeatable support. VPS or Virtual Private Servers are local for people who want the ability of a dedicated server, with all the simplicity of handling shared hosting accounts along with also a price tag.

Liquid Web’s managed hosting comes in different flavours. You can select from Cloud Sites to Dedicated Servers – price varies greatly, so does technology. Following are the different options available –

  • Dedicated Servers – If you want to have an entire server set just exclusively for you, you will have to go for the option of selecting a dedicated server. It comes with next-generation technology. The costs are a little high and start at $119 per month.

  • Cloud VPS – If you want to go with the virtual machines based solution where you get a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the cloud – which essentially means that you have a software abstraction of a real server located somewhere on the web – you should go with the Cloud VPS option which starts at $15 per month.

Data Centers

You have a fair list of options when going to select your preferred data center. Following is a short description:

  • US-Central: It is based in Michigan, United States and it was the only data center in the beginning. Having a capacity of 33,000 servers, this is still the largest data center of Liquid Web.
  • US-West: Based out of Arizona, this data center is smaller in capacity but is HIPAA complaint.
  • EU-Central: Located in Amsterdam, this data center follows almost all the ISO and EU standards. 

Now let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of using Liquidweb:


  • WordPress support is available
  • The scalability is built organically
  • Amazing cross-platform support 24×7
  • Completely administered plans
  • Physical and digital security at data centers


  • A bit on the higher of pricing compared to industry
  • Lack of shared hosting
  • No free gifts

Support Options

Live Chat

With the advent of fast internet, internet messaging has become a possible alternative to tele-conversation. Liquid Web is famous for its quick response support facility. The most effective way of reaching out to support is to have a live chat with the support team. The live chat is available all the time, and it is time-zone agnostic. Even if you want to make some general queries related to the services and pricing, you can have the benefit of live chat support at your disposal.


If you have a more descriptive issue which cannot be described in the terse statements of textual conversation and you may want to include some reports and screenshots, you can use the support email –, the turn around time for e-mail might be a little more than live chat, but it is worth it depending on your situation. The e-mail is also recommended if you are already a customer.


If you are anywhere in North America, you can check out the toll-free number of Liquid Web at 800-580-4985 for any immediate support.


For any general support or any queries related to anything operated by Liquid Web, you can try their international number – 517-322-0434.

What speaks for Liquid Web?

This may be a fantastic deal of info to process on the mind, but you will find several converging decisions. There’s a large number of hosting options out there for you based on your requirements, and you can pick your preferred data center also, with proper compliance. This may not be the most comprehensive explainer, yet this info is sufficient for you to compare the assistance of the Liquid Web together with other hosting providers in the business.


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